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Email Marketing

Campaign strategy, content creation, management

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pasta on the parade route,

thrills, blueberry hills, etc.,

cocktail real estate,

afternoon naps & disco jazz,

fall has flung,

life's a fruit basket,

door to the cosmos,

sticky buns for the people,

a future that always ends in "yes" 

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Social Media 

Strategy, content creation, and management


Editorial, blogs, social media, newsletters, websites, product descriptions, press releases

About reusable mugs

Is time a line? Is your coffee still hot? Don't hit snooze on the future. Prepare yourself for a world free of single-use cups. Invest $26 in a portable Portland, Maine travel mug by the great folks at Miir. Available in gray and aqua.

About a rooms sale for a hotel in Louisiana

King's Day brings fireworks over the Mississippi and the first plastic babies of the season. To celebrate, we give you 24 hours of glee and glory. A flash sale. On January 6, we toss this year's greatest digital throw into the blue wide pixel. A secret code that shaves 18% off stays between January 6 and December 31, 2018. Stay open. Be present. Check your email. 


About a celestially-inspired music festival
A) Hi friend, daylight savings was last night (clocks changed, people stayed the same). This puts us sixty minutes closer to our third ever Six of Saturns.

B) On April 27th the moon will be half-full, the sun will be 4.2 light years away and our third annual Six of Saturns will be underway. Save the date. 

About a Valentine's Prix-Fixe

We're testing the notion that love is all you need. Come February 14, we'll have butter-poached lobster, filet mignon, chocolate covered strawberries, crab raviolo and six cocktails, strong as Cupid's arrow. Join us for a special Valentine's spread with your choice of a first and second course, dessert, and oysters and caviar à la carte.

About a holiday music lineup 

2017 was one for the books. Hearts were broken, strange (and Stranger) things happened and a couple billion babies were born. Lucky for us, all the best songs come from trying times (see: Pain in My HeartLady Stardust and Both Sides Now). With that we toast to the roar of the Mississippi and hearts growing ten times in size. Join us.

About a little shop from Marfa

We’re peddlers of keepsakes with items ranging from scented oils and incense matches to unique adornments and ceramics. We come from a place where Yucca plants outnumber people and the black top races the horizon. We’re interested in dream interpretations, one of a kind jewels and found treasures. Our friends are creators of all kinds, from all places. We support their arts by sharing them with you.


As you walk through the space, narratives unfold like layers of a cakey time machine. The ceiling is cream with a dimensional monochromatic mural of motifs that tip a hat to Monica's past lives — an egg for Wine + Eggs, florals and leaves for her ongoing collaboration with florist Yasmine, and a knot to symbolize the rewarding struggles of entrepreneurship. Tiled with a Japanese sage-colored mosaic, an archway was designed, transforming the space from a long highway-like layout to an intentional space with dimensions and textures shape-shifting throughout.

Using color to evoke a feeling of comfort, Adi bathed the first half of the store in warm hues of peaches and terracotta. As you travel to the back of the space, you're guided by a large blue rock as you pass through green and yellow before finding yourself in an intimate, almost spiritual, evenly lit space that embraces you in blue from the walls to the soft carpet at your feet. Look up, and you’ll see a custom illuminated sky drop ceiling with printed plexiglass.

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