Georgina Rose is a freelance creative based in Brooklyn, New York. She has a soft spot for poetic strategy and an allergy to writing about herself in the third person.


I listen to oldies in the car, long for the age of the landline, and believe there's an art to making Shirley Temples. For public relations, you can reach me here. For everything else, you're in the right place. 

Currently reading: Funny Weather: Art in an Emergency by Olivia Laing 

Recent finding: a photograph of pears that is somehow, in fact, a painting


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The surrealist shop of your dreams 

Joyful objects made of mostly glass

Floral architecture for your home 

Furniture for the future

A hotel in New Orleans 

Coffee for the people

A small shop under a big sky 

Moving & Shaking, an interview

Drawing with light — software pioneer and artist, Janice Lourie.  Photo: Courtesy of International Business Machines Corporation, © International Business Machines Corporation